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Welcome to Pilgrimage Creations, the presentation of our books, workshops, slide shows, and photos and writings from our pilgrimages through life. Pilgrimage Creations is about being aware of everything around us at all times, about all aspects of our life. It is about our walks through life, our pilgrimages through life. It is about walking with awareness. Pilgrimage Creations is the outgrowth, the successor, of our earlier site, Walking with Awareness.

When we walk with awareness through the pilgrimage of life, all the following become more possible:

  • We walk more in the present moment, in the now.
  • We walk with more purpose and life. Life takes on a more sacred character.
  • We walk with more heart and spirit.
  • We more easily hear and follow the calls of the Spirit and from deep within our heart.
  • We seek to find out our deepest truths to define our sacred path.
  • We learn more from life's daily lessons.
  • We more readily walk with joy and acceptance of all the variety that comes along our path.

What's here?

Pilgrimage Creations brings you our books, and slide shows, You will also find many stories and photographs of our own pilgrimage walks on the Camino de Santiago, the Via de la Plata, and Camino de Levante in Spain, as well as from Germany to Rome and across America and Europe to Jerusalem and our India pilgrimage.

Choose from the options on the menu above and enjoy your stay. The menu is the same on all pages of Pilgrimage Creations. If we can help you or if you just want to get in contact, click here or above to contact us and let us know what is on your mind. We enjoy hearing from all who pass by here and we love to talk.

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