Camino de Levante Photo Journal
Toledo to Avila

I left La Mancha behind me as I left Toledo heading northwest and north toward Avila around Madrid. The paths were more demanding leading me up and down valleys and over pass after pass.

The wind remained a factor some days but the cold was not so heavy. Not so for those a couple days ahead of me: they walked in a snow storm one day. Not me.

The closer I got to Avila the more I thought about stopping the pilgrimage walk in Avila. Stopping was a theme for me throughout the walk. Petra and I had talked about stopping walking all together. After all, we had walked several long walks in the past nine years. I could stop it in Avila. Petra had said much earlier that it was time for her to stop.

Had to take my picture in this traffic mirror outside Toledo. What am I carrying under my coat? (18 Apr 12)

Toledo from a distance. (18 Apr 12)

Route markers north of Toledo, We are the CS and shell. I don't know what the others are ( Apr 12)

A farm I walked past. (18 Apr 12)

A city gate in Escanola, a town with many of its walls still in tact. The church tower is built into the wall. (19 Apr 12)

The seeds/flowers(?) and leaves of the tree in the following picture. (20 Apr 12)

A tree along the Camino leaving Escanola. (20 Apr 12)

Looking back up the road leading down out of Almorax. (20 Apr 12)

Looking back toward Almorax. (20 Apr 12)

Lavender along the road. (20 Apr 12)

A woods between Almorax and San Martin. ( Apr 12)

A flower. (20 Apr 12)

Cebreros sits in the distant bowl, my evening destination. (21 Apr 12)

I stand among the four Toros de Guisando, late Celtic era granite sculptures of bulls from no earlier than the second century of the common era. (21 Apr 12)

A Roman bridge south of Cebreros. (21 Apr 12)

A mountain southeast of Cebreros. (21 Apr 12)

Mountains east of Cebreros in the morning light. Madrid is over there somewhere. (23 Apr 12)

A horse along the path. (23 Apr 12)

The path coming up from San Bartolomé de Pinares. (24 Apr 12)

An elephant rock along the path south of Avila. (24 Apr 12)

A photo map of Avila. My refugio was just outside the gate on this end of the town. (24 Apr 12)

The north east wall of Avila. (27 Apr 12)

Vegies in the market of Avila. (27 Apr 12)

St. Theresa of Avila. (27 Apr 12)

An Avila street.(27 Apr 12)

A stork on Avila's cathedral. (29 Apr 12)

More storks on a spire of the cathedral. (29 Apr 12)

A zipper sculpture in front of Avila's bus station! (29 Apr 12)
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