Camino de Levante Photo Journal
Santiago and Finisterra

By the time I got to Avila I had already decided to stop walking there with 365 miles (600 kilometers) under my belt. It was raining. I was cold. I had some stomach flu that had me peeing every hour. The weather forecast called for another week of heavy rain. I was ready to stop walking, at least for a week if not for good.

Beyond that, time was getting tight. It was already the 28th of April as I left Avila. My brother was beginning to walk the Camino Français in a week. I wanted to walk with him for a few days. And then I had a wedding to attend in late May in Germany.

Beside my money and plastic, the pickpocker in Madrid had stolen a week off the pilgrimage leaving me with not enough time to walk the rest from Avila, if I had wanted to walk. So I got on a train that 28th of April and headed for Santiago. The train followed the route I would have walked. It rained heavily and often. From Zamora forward the Camino de Levante joins the Via de la Plata. The train follows the same route. I saw many places we walked through in 2005.

Santiago and Finisterra are still on this Camino de Levante. Just because I changed to wheeled transport does not mean I have ended the pilgrimage.

Santiago Matemores leading the Spanish in a battle against the Moors. This is on the building opposite the cathedral of Santiago. (30 Apr 12)

Late afternoon sun after a heavy shower at Cabo Finisterra. (3 May 12)

Finisterra flowers. (3 May 12)

Beach at Finisterra. (5 May 12)

More flowers in Finisterra. (5 May 12)

Finisterra Harbor. (6 May 12)

Fish net. (6 May 12)

Interior of an old café in Santiago. (7 May 12)

The Cathedral of Santiago with meandering pilgrims and venders. (9 May 12)

Façade of Cathedral. (9 May 12)

Façade of Cathedral. (9 May 12)

Façade of Cathedral. (9 May 12)

A pilgrim showing off her fully stamped passport. (9 May 12)

My lonely midnight bus waiting to take me to Victoria and Pamplona to and my brother, Marty, on the east end of the Camino Français. (9 May 12)

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