Map for our pilgrimage to Rome

All roads lead to Rome.

E5, Po Valley, and VF routes of our pilgrimage.
FV comes from England across France.

We walked the pilgrimage in three phases:

  • The first, Kisslegg to Fidenza, conceptually can be divided into three parts: (36 days)

    • Kisslegg to Oberstdorf, Germany (108 km-67 mi.)--We completed this in six days in pieces here and there before we begain the E5 walk in Obertsdorf. (6 days)

    • Obertsdorf, Germany to Verona, Italy --We walked Europe's long-distance E5 path over the Alps in August. The original estimate of 30 days actually took 28. And we didn't go all the way to Verona. Rather we turned at Bussolungo ten kilometers short. And with our share of wandering we stretched the original estimate of 375 kilometers out to 425 (364 miles). (26 days)

    • Verona to Fidenza, Italy (c. 100km-62 mi.)--With some help from friendly Italian's and their evening rides to sleeping places and a train ride, we made it across the hot Po River plains. A train took us the last 40-some kilometers when my sore foot and fatigue begged that we ride those last days. We walked 74 km (46 miles) and accepted rides for the remaining 67 (41 mi). That got us out of three days of walking on very hot pavement and my sore foot. (4 days)

  • Fidenza to San Gimignano (c. 312 km-193 mi.)--We did this 5 through 18 December. The distance is only a gross estimate because the distances in the guides seemed to be off by a wide margin in some cases. (14 days)

  • San Gimignano to Rome, Italy (c. 325 km-202 mi.)--We did this 21 January through 4 February. (14 days)

Before we walked the last phase, I estimaged more or less 67 days and around 1250 kilometers (775 miles) for the entire walk from Kißlegg to Rome. The actual pilgrimage was 64 days and 1248 kilometers (774 miles).

The details of the individual stops in each of these phases of the walk on the Stops page.

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