Hear the call and follow your heart: A slide show on pilgrimage

Hear the call and follow your heart
A slide show on pilgrimage

We currently spend the summers in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the winters in India. We have no schedule to give slide shows but we will give any on request. If you see us somewhere or ask us online, we have them on our computer and can give them on request.

Pilgrimage changes lives. We grow as we walk long distances day after day. This slide show is a reflection on our pilgrimages along the Camino de Santiago and beyond. With pictures, videos, music, and words, we give you a feel of the daily life and spirit of the walk and how it can be a catalyst for changing your life. We encourage you to follow your wildest dreams wherever they take you along life's path. As the title says, "Hear the call and follow your heart."

The Camino is an ancient pilgrimage road crossing northern Spain to the grave of the apostle Saint James in Santiago de Compostela. The 540-mile walk begins in the Pyrenees and ends on the Atlantic. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Trail, the Camino is no longer only a path for Christians. Several thousand a year walk it.

For each walker the experience is unique. No one returns unchanged. This pilgrimage is an exploration into our deepest self as we walk physically down a long road. The walk itself becomes the destination. Come and walk with us.

This slide presentation lasts around one and a half to two hours depending on questions and comments.

We have presented this show in Germany, California, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Click here for a detailed history.

We are offering the following slide shows at this time:


We are currently offering the following slide shows:

  • More coming. Check back later. Or call us to schedual a showing for your group.

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