2002 Jansen Family Picnic
Sunday, June 30th 2002 White Pines State Park, Oregon, Illinois

Funny Pictures First
31 Cork Harvey Wally and Kim Anybody know who this is?
Go over there and take those pictures. I'm Done! Has to be more in this thing. Hay! Where's my Pepsi? Any one know who these people are?
Top Left:Jeremy, Ryan, Chelli,Diane, Cork, Betsy Diane Aunt Annie Mary's Burnt Pan 84
Why are we sitting here? And why am I out here alone! Camera shy? This Pot was not black at home! Just one more!
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1. Aunt Annie, Jim
2. Corky, Diane, Jeremy, Chelli, Betsy, and Ryan
3. Lula May, Harvy, Wally, and Kim
4. Mike and Marty
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