Axum: Coins and Places

Once a great power
now a small village.

Axum: Axum: Axum: Coins and Places is an excellent source of general information not only for specialists in Axumite coins but also for historians, teachers, and anyone else wishing to expand their knowledge of a hidden corner of African and Arabian history. Axum: Coins and Places takes you over paths merchants walked down 1500 years ago as they visited the ancient city Axum, seat of an empire that ruled the southern Red Sea from the beginning of the third century through the middle of the seventh or eighth century of the common era.

You travel down modern Eritrean and Ethiopian roads to see the coins of Axum, the ruins of Matara, modern roads, the temple of Yeha, and the monuments and tombs of Axum, the seat of ancient Axumite power.

I produced this 23-minute video from photos taken on the scene in the late 1960s and 1970 and from coins in my collection.

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