Black Hills Scrapbook

Recently I scanned a Mom's scrapbook on our 1956 vacation to the Black Hills from Woodstock. We were a family of six then not the eventual nine.

Left click one of the links to display it in Adobe reader where you can save it if you choose. Or you can right click on either link and save it directly to your computer.

Note well:The Scrapbook file is large (over 150 Mbytes). It will take quite a while to download so be patient with it. If you have only dial-up, forget it. It took me just over an hour (61 min. 29 sec.) to upload this file to WorksAndWords and I have a fast DSL. So be aware that your download (whether to save or just to view) will take a bit more time than your normal everyday download .....

Black Hills Scrapbook cover

Black Hills Scrapbook text

You can buy a printed version of this book by clicking here and ordering it online at You can do this a lot more quickly than downloading. But it will cost you $11.58 plus a couple bucks postage.


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