Money Meanderings: An Introduction to Numismatics

Buy Money Meanderings NowMoney Meanderings: An Introduction to Numismatics is a book that introduces you to over 85 topics about coins and coin collecting. It includes more than 180 graphics and an extensive bibliography. Both beginning and seasoned collectors of U. S., foreign, and ancient coins can learn from the articles on this book.

Assembled and edited by Mike Metras from the award-willing Elgin Coin Club Newsletter, Money Meanderings: An Introduction to Numismatics holds a wide variety of knowledge for all collectors and students of coins. Take a look at the the following to see what is waiting for you to read.

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First published in January, 1994, the Elgin Coin Club Newsletter is the official publication of for the Elgin Coin Club of Elgin, Illinois. During the Newsletter's first six years, the American Numismatic Association (ANA) awarded the Newsletter first place as the Outstanding Local Publication three years and second and third place two other years. Mike Metras, the author and a collector for more than 50 years, was the writer, editor, and publisher of the Newsletter during those years and more.

Money Meanderings is an interactive book in HTML format. You can view and read it on any computer with an internet browser.

Money Meanderings features include:

  • Eighty six articles are illustrated by more than 180 graphics.
  • A table of contents and extensive index that allow you to jump directly to specific articles and topics.
  • A bibliography that lists over 75 sources including internet links.
  • Internal links that lead you between articles and to the internet for additional information.

A review of Money Meanderings: An Introduction to Numismatics

In the September, 2001, issue of the Tasmanian Numismatist, the online newsletter of the Tasmanian Numismatic Society, editor Graeme Petterwood said of Money Meanderings:

"The quality of the selected articles is excellent and I found that, once I started to read the book, "I couldn't put it down". The initial chapters focus on coinage of the United States ... the selection then smoothly progresses to the historical reasons that coloured the issuance of many of the American coinage denominations - including some very interesting facts that even most U.S. readers would be unaware of.

"Mike has not forgotten the semi-official and truly unofficial coins and currency ... the great American token range, private banknotes ... and the intriguing stories of Certificates of Deposit.... The book goes on to explore coinage from Rome to Eritrea, Philippines to Hawaii and all sorts of places in-between.

"...a huge amount of other information is tucked onto this one disc which is not purely numismatic. This book is designed to stretch the imagination and feelings of wonder as it follows Mike Metras along the paths of discovery he has found amongst the hobby of his choice.

Read the entire review in the September, 2001 issue of the Tasmanian Numismatist, the online newsletter of the Tasmanian Numismatic Society. Search or scroll down to just beyond the middle of the page to find the review titled "ANOTHER BOOK REVIEW - WITH A DIFFERENCE!"

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