Where am I?

Life is short.
Live it. Love it.
Enjoy it.

Where am I? Where have I been? What am I doing?

11 September 2016 We returned to the US in early March and have been in march since late March

8 Jan 2016 We are still in India, in Auroville, Tamil Nandu. See our India page on Pilgrimage Creations for many details.

4 Jan 2015 We are in Kaivalyadhama in Lonavla, Maharashta, India.

28 Nov 2014 We have been in Auroville, India the past four months and Sunday are on our way to Kaivalyadhama in Lonavla between Mumbai and Pune.

27 July 2014 Boy have I been bad at keeping this updated. Since the last update, we have put all in storage 9/13 and went to India in 10/13. We stayed there till 5/14 when we went to Germany. Now I am about to go back to Auroville in Tamil Nandu in India.

15 September 2012 - Enjoying our Santa Fe home. Selling on eBay: check my auctions out. Preparing an online workshop: Spiritual and practical preparation for walking a pilgrimage. Walking. Writing.

29 June 2012 - In the past five months I spent 10 weeks in Spain walking on the Camino de Levante and in Germany. The rest of the time I have been settling into our new Santa Fe home.

29 January 2012 - I guess it has been a while since I updated this. We are in Santa Fe now. From 16 January 2009 to Christmas, 2010 we were on a pilgrimage walk to Jerusalem. See PilgrimageCreations.com to see the book about it and WalkingEast.com for the Journal I wrote during the walk. Then last year we spent time in Jerusalem, India, and the roads of the US before somewhat settleing into here in July. On 22 December, we moved out of temp quarters and into a house.

1 Feb 08 - We move into our new home in Paso Robles this month. Click here for contact info.

15 Aug 07--We leave Germany moving to the US on 3 Sept 07,

July 2, 2007--In Kisslegg, Germany but ready to leave for California in two months. And now I am just about done with my second book written here, Sicily's Historic Coasts

11 Jan 07 - Let's see! Haven't written a lot here in the past couple years. But then the page has had very little traffic also. ... We have lived here in Kisslegg since the last entry. In the meantime we have done a lot including our in-process pilgrimage to Rome and a couple returns to the US. And I have published Walking Life: Meditations on the Pilgrimage of Life.. We will likely be moving back to America later this year--if we do not change plans.

July 16, 2005--In Kisslegg, Germany where we will continue to be for a while.

June 6, 2005--In Sothern Germany after walking to Santiago from Sevilla in April and May and then spending a couple weeks in Northern Italy.

April 27, 2005--in Salamanca, Spain in the middle of walk to Santiago de Compostella along the Via de la Plata Camino de Santigo--500 km to go.

March 1, 2005--returning to Illinois to pay taxes and do things.

February, 2005--Esalen, California for Shamanism workshop in work-study program. Wow!

January, 2005--Esalen, California for Dancing workshop in work-study program.

December, 2004--Desert Hot Springs, California. Check out our plan hatched this month to lead a pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago on September 3 next year. ...It didn't happen.

October and November, 2004--Illinois to California. Along the way I updated some more of the 2003 Spain and the Camino de Santiago de Compostela pages and added a map of the Camino.

September, 2004--Petra and I married each other in Gütersloh, Germany.

August and September, 2004--Auroville, Pondicherry and Karala, India.

June and July, 2004--Waked back from Santiago toward Germany 500 kilometers including a hundred or so in Germany.

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