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Dr. Place

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

So if I really go to the Camino I need to know I am healthy.
Today I am at the doctor for my first Medicare checkup. I am sitting here now airing for them to take in to see if I am alive enough to spent a month walking across Spain.

It is nice they have free wi-Fi here for me to use?

Now I am out of then doctor’s office waiting to go in for the blood test. It has only been 1-1/2 hours so far and I am Hungary.
So I wait!

Home now and back from lunch so I looked for a way to have random pictures in the journal pages.

I think it is figured out.
[random_image template=”rounded” size=”thumbnail”]
These picture should be random from the whole site. At this time this would be just one picture.

iPad Uses

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

So I have an iPad noe. What is it good for?

Read books
Take Pictures
Send / Receive emails
Make phone calls with Skype
Listen to music/ audio books
Watch Vidoes
Learn Spanish
Guide book
Can play games
Note pad
Address book
I even can use it for a flash light and take notes.

iPad learning curve

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Now that I have an iPad There are things I need to learn.

I bought my I pad so I could use it to replace many things.
Here are some of the things it can replace on the Camino.

Wait I will be back. I nee a WYSIIWYG screen for this and I only have an HTML to type on….

I was on the iPad and now I’m on the laptop. The screens are different in WordPress.
I guess I will have to learn how to edit these pages different if I use the iPad. This is not a bad things I just need a plug-in or work different.

I’ll tell you more about the iPad later.

Little later:

I went through the plug-ins that might help use the the iPad as easy as on the laptop and I see that because I am using the latest version of WordPress and my chooses have limits. Basically I found noting that makes it as easy as it is on the PC & Laptop.
So I will bo back to the iPad and learn to live with it for now. Thinks will get better!



Life goes on

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Almost every thing I had posted on this site got lost when I crashed this site after just a week. I had many things on here but they are all gone. Some people may be pissed when this happens not me. I know enough about computer that getting mad just makes thing worse. You get all stressed about things that make no real difference.

I saves the “Who I Am” page because I had edited it off-line and it was still available. Everything is just gone. all the setup all my notes all special plug-is to make it feel special for me. Everything is gone!

Now I have a special gift to start all over again. Sometimes you just need to start over again. Like the first time I walked the Camino. I stopped but I decide I might return again and I think I need to start over again.

I will start by making some changed to this web journal to make have that Marty feel. Yes it has to be me. while am doing that I will think on some content that you might enjoy.


Hello world!

Monday, December 26th, 2011

I crashed this site on Christmas day. It was my gift to myself. Please come back later when I get things back to gather.

It was all lost and I had no backup so…what can I say?