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My Backpack

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

have checked out all my belongings and am about to put in  a big pile to see how much space it will take up. Right now it looks like it might fit in a 3600 Cubic Inch back pack that about 59 liters for you metric people. I am shopping around for a very light backpack. I found on that weighed less than 2-1/2 pounds (1.1 kg) but it may not be available. If I can find one that light it would weigh less than my iPad stuff.

I need to get a real weight on the stuff I am going to carry and see it will really fit in in a 3600 Cu.Ft. pack. Being sick the last couple of days hasn’t helped me out to do any to get a real handle on this. Oh Well I have four month before my plane leave for Paris.


Getting Ready

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

While fight a cold today I have been weighing the things I think I want to carry with me.

I have been weighing everything no mater if I am going to wear it, put it into the back pack, or just have it in my fanny pack.Right now I think I have to find some lighter things. Right not the total is 32.37 pounds (14.681 kg)

I am thinking the total of everything can be a lot less. Most sources I have looked at say 10% of your body weight plus food and water.I guessed 5.5 pounds (2.5kg) for food and water.

I may leave the solar panel, 0.94 Lbs (428g). and the Camera because I have a camera in my iPad, 0.61 Lps (278g). See I already lowered the load by a pound and a half (725g).

I need to look for a light shirt and pants for ever day use. I haven’t really looked for them yet. they are over 1-1/2 pounds (725g) right now.

I will post my list as soon as it get to be a more manageable weight.


I am Commited

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Familiar Arrow

No, not that kind of Committed. 🙂 Thought maybe I should be.
I have paid for my plane ticket from Chicago to Paris. I leave home midday on May 1stand arrive in Paris midday on May 2nd.
I have not figured out the best price to get to St.Jean Pied-de-Port yet.  By train it looks like $199 and by plane it might be $45 to $82 to Biarritz then a bus and a train to St.Jean Pied-de-Port.
I am still trying to translate the French website to understand what they are telling me. I have time to figure that out. After all I have 4 months before I leave home.

Now that I am committed to go I can start getting ready.

First Get Ready Walk

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Today is a very nice day for January in northern Illinois. It is over 50 degrees right now.

Anyway I went for a walk this morning. I walked 2.5 milses the foist trip and 3.5 then next time. Along the way I stopped at Starbucks and had breakfast  at Town & Country and also worked out at E.W. Training for an hour.

Right now my legs are sore. I am not surprised at that. I know I need to walk more to get my walking legs in shape. Right now I am wondering if I should apply heat or cold to my muscles. 🙂

I was caring only about 6 lbs more than I might have normally. So not I know I am out of shape and have to walk more.


First Tool

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Today in the mail I received one of my guide books.

This guide-book by John Brierley is walking maps guide of the Camino de Santiago. It is about 110 pages and is maps of about what most people walk.
This guide-book only has a map and a brief description of the days walk. It  might be the only guide I carry with me. I carried the full addition of this guide-book in 2007. I have ordered the full version but may not take it with me. It weights about four times as much.

I will be posting my current list of item I will be taking or plan on taking on the walk. I will try to keep it updated.
See that under the Information menu item

It weighs only  136 g (4.8 oz) about 110 pages.

Map only Camino Guide
ISBN# 978-1-84409-529-2
John Brierley’s web site

You can buy John’s guides at most book stores online.

I have added the second Guide book  here too:

Guide to the Camino de Santiago, Practical & Mystical Manual
ISBN # 978-1-8440-95759
John Brierley’s web site


Still Planning from Home

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

I am stall home and thinking more and more that I am going to make it to the Camino.

Fear of walking the Camino never happened so that is not stopping me.

I think the thing the is causing me to hold back my commitment is the linguistics of getting to the starting point be it be St. Jean Pier-de-Port (SP) or Roncesvalles. No matter where I start I need to get there from home. I could fly in to Bilbao or Madrid Spain or Paris,France. Then so how I need to get to my starting point. From the I just need to follow the yellow arrows or look at my guide-book. I have ordered a good Guide book it may help me decide how to that gap in my journey. I will have that in a week or so.

I have asked a number of people if they would like to go on an adventure at the same time. So jumped at the chances, Other refused with one second. Still other say could not take the time off and still others said they would not get on an airplane to get to Spain. And so on and so forth. All in all I thin I have no one seriously agree to join me. For now I think I will be going by myself.

You may start out as a group and meet up at the same town or village every day or so just to share experiences. When you walking the Camino most people walk at their own pace. One person might be a very fast hiker and another may walk very slow. One of the thing I learned on the Camino in 2007 is you may walk with some one for a while but one might feel they are holding back or being held back by the other. In the cast if you want to spend time together you may agree to meet up at the news village or at the end of the day at the Refugio. Even in a couple of days down the road.

I am getting the results of my  health checkup today to see how I am doing. After exercising for the last three months I am sure it will be good. Being having a couple of heart attacks and not really getting back in shape until now you would thing one might not want to walk 500 miles(800 km) across Spain. Well the Camino has only a couple of places that might be a challenge that I need to concern my self about. I do know how to slow down of ask for a bus or taxi ride past those areas if needed. After all I did not train for the walk in 2007 and I walked 200 miles (325 km) before I gave in and road the train. Yes, once I did try to catch a bus. But I decided to walk more because I got tired of waiting.

My goals for now is to get the ride to Spain figured out first. Maybe I should just get on a plane and tel them to take me there and deal with how I will get to Roncesvalles or SP when I get off the plane.. I still think I want to start at St. Jean Pier-De-Port and climb those 1500 meters over the Pyrenees mountains on the first day of my adventure.

Next thing is to work on what I want to carry in my back pack.

Test Current Location Weather

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

test location for Roncesvalles, Spain.
No I am not there yet I just wanted to make sure I could adjust the location.

Besides the Weather plug-in is not working so I thought I would try this instead


Roncesvalles it one of the places I might start from.


test for current location

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

test location

Ok, I fond this tool (plug-in) that can find my location.
I don’t know how it is going to work in Spain but I will try it a few time as I am in different places in my area before I try it again in other countries.
I will be neat to let you see where I do my postings.

In this case It is just pointing to my home town, Woodstock, IL, USA

The Way

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

I have been waiting the the movie “The Way” to come to a theater near Woodstock Illinois.

The Movie "The Way"

I hear it is a great movie about then Camino de Santiago. I may have to go near Chicago to see it, something I would not like to do.

Click here to find about this movie.