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Today in the mail I received one of my guide books.

This guide-book by John Brierley is walking maps guide of the Camino de Santiago. It is about 110 pages and is maps of about what most people walk.
This guide-book only has a map and a brief description of the days walk. It  might be the only guide I carry with me. I carried the full addition of this guide-book in 2007. I have ordered the full version but may not take it with me. It weights about four times as much.

I will be posting my current list of item I will be taking or plan on taking on the walk. I will try to keep it updated.
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It weighs only  136 g (4.8 oz) about 110 pages.

Map only Camino Guide
ISBN# 978-1-84409-529-2
John Brierley’s web site

You can buy John’s guides at most book stores online.

I have added the second Guide book  here too:

Guide to the Camino de Santiago, Practical & Mystical Manual
ISBN # 978-1-8440-95759
John Brierley’s web site


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2nd Guide Book (rear)

2nd Guide Book (cover)



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