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iPad on the Camino

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

I have have had my iPad fof three month now. I told myself I wanted a iPad for the Camino? Yah right! In fact I just needed a new toy. Since December my iPad has been with me 24/7. Yes, I even took it to bed with me a couple of times. You know you can watch movies and listen to music on an iPad while you are sleeping. 😉 I have found that my newtops is a very valuable tool. I will try to list the things it could replace in my backpack? This list shows the old and new way.

  • Paper, pencil, pen, eraser, and pencil sharper -iPad Notes
  • Books – iPad iBooks and eBook other readers
  • Phone – iPad Skype
  • Envelopes, stamps – iPad email and messenger and Text+
  • Guide books – iPad google maps, GPS, and  Camino de Santiago guide
  • Commmuications – iPad email, text, face time…
  • Music – iPad  iTunes
  • Watch – iPad has a clock and a sun dial! 🙂
  • Camera – iPad has two cameras and it takes movies too
  • Maps – iPad has many different map apps
  • Weather – well you are outside so you will know the weather but the forecast is on the iPad
  • Calendar – yup iPad has one
  • Address book – all of my contacts are on my iPad
  • Reminders – yup again on the iPad

I could just keep goingwhat’s hat the iPad could replace in my backpack. The iPad cannot replace clothing, food, and water. For that matter it can be a big distraction. Even thought I will be taking the iPad with me I may be taking those other things and using the iPad as a backup. I like that I can replace all of that extra weight and have all these tools in one package. There are disadvantages to the iPad too. If the battery is dead when you really need it your are lost! And if you drop it into a river it will die and then you too are dead in the water. Pun intended! The iPad weighs over 2-1/2 pounds with the cover and charged. I think is about the same weight as all the other tools, do I need both? Maybe not. I think i will, it is one of the fears I might be carting with me.

There is an addition to this story. About a week ago I picked up an iPhone. It seems to do everything the iPad does with a much smaller screen. It make phone calls too. 🙂  I have two months to think this over. iPad or iPhone or both? Does my iPad need a backup? Am I that paranoid? 🙁


Some Thoughts for your Camino

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

My brother Mike who is a big influence of mine for this walk has updated his web page “Some Thoughts for your Camino“.

If you even think you might be thinking about the Camino de Santiago take a look at what he has written. I think he did a great job updating his thoughts.

Read other things on Mike’s & Petra’s walking adventures. Start at Pilgrimage Creations



To learn about
Mike’s or Petra’s
click picture.

For You Who Wonders Why

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Some wander why I might be doing this.

My brother Mike sent me this link to a slideshow by Nathan Margason. If you have time it is quite long but it will give an idea even if you only watch part of it.

Camino de Santiago HD

And the readiness continues

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

I think I am almost ready to go now. I think I have every thing I want to carry with me without getting carried away.  When I get home from Starbucks I will set up the backup to take it for a walk to see how it to carry 20 pounds. I think I have the load balanced so it hangs on my body without Making me keep making right turns. Since there are two months before my plane leaves I will have time to get that all sorted out.

I want to just go on shorts walks until it rides ok with out making my back, feet, lags hurt. Once I am happy with that it will just go for some long walks with it fully loaded.

I have to just buy a pair of pants and a shirt that fit. I keep loosing weight so what I buy now might not fit.

So that is where I am today


What’s Happening

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Friends have been asking me asking me when I am leaving.

I have been telling them May 1st without too many details. I thought I would try to tell all of you my thought how I am think I will do things.

I plan to walk out my front door Tuesday May 1st, 2012  and walking three blocks south to the Metra station and get on the train and head to the airport in Chicago for my ride to Paris. I leave home around noon. I will arrive in Paris around noon on May 2nd after a stop in London. No it is not a 24 hour flight, though it may seem like it.

From Paris I will be traveling to Saint Jean Pied-de-Port where I will start walking the walk. How I will get to St. Jean from Paris I am not sure. Maybe I will fly part, maybe train, and maybe even a taxi. There are a lot of options to get to St. Jean. I am still working on that.

For the time being I am working on getting all the things together that I will be carrying with me. I am still looking for very light things. After all I will have to carry all my belonging on my back 30 to 50 days for 800 km (550 miles). Lighter is better!

I have ordered new glasses and an iPhone. And maybe next week I will do my income taxes to get that out of the way. I don’t want the Feds to coming to Spain and cutting my trip short. 🙂

Well back to getting ready, Marty

Time on My Hands

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Well I am not ready yet and I have some time on my hands.

My Logo

I decided to play a little and make an icon/logo for this journal. It is fun how things go through your mind when it is idle.

Does this look a little like me?


Camino Documentary for PBS

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

There is a group doing a Camino Documentary for PBS.

I post this link to it for you who may be interested.

I just saw the movie “The Way” that is about the Camino. After watching it I want to go walk the way even more.I thought it was a great movie.

If you watch it let me know what you think.

Below is Arre. Another one of the town I should travel through.

Ready to go

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Will I am ready to go but my stuff is not.

After shopping for lighter every days clothes I find moth local stores do not have their spring stuff yet. Most of the clothes I want are lighter spring clothes I could buy online and would have plenty of time to receive and send them back a couple of time until I have what I really want. I decided to wait until the end of next month for the stores to fill up with spring stuff.

I don’t need a lot of things. And thinking about it is things I want not need. I want a jacket, running trail shoes, an everyday pair of pants and shirt, and a new Backpack the is lighter. These thing can wait for a month or so. Shoes I want to find so I can break them in a little before I try to walk the Camino. I don’t want to have replace shoes on my walk unless I have to.

So for now I am gearing down on this getting ready stuff and going back to learning some more Spanish.


Still getting ready

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Marty 2007

I am still working on getting my things together that I just think I need to carry with me for 550 miles (800 km).
It amazes me how you can always find things that weigh less right after you buy the lightest your load. My brother told me his backpack weighed only about 2-1/2 pounds. Then I found a heavy duty one that weight only about 1-1/2 pounds. Looking closer at the same website another one weighing less than a pound. And that is only one example of the things you can find to lighten your load.

As you see at some point in time I must just stop and gather the things and get on the plane and head out out of town.

Why am I doing this?
While reading the guide book it asked me to list some of the reasons I am going on this pilgrimage. Well I am not really sure why.
Part of the reason is walking is good exercise. And there is that spiritual thing too. You can have a lot of time to get your thought to gather when walking mostly alone for a month.
Five years ago I tried to get my mind, body, and spirit into sync. My mind and body and spirit started to fight and at that time I just needed a few days off to let them calm down. I didn’t know that then. Maybe I learned to take it easy in the last five years. So I want to go and relive the enjoyable parts. May I just want to spend time alone far away from home. I am not realy sure right now.

Now it is time to go have breakfast with a friend.