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May-29 5pm Manslaughter de las Mulas

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Wow more free wifi!
Today my walking staff broke and I needed glue and I was out of cash. The I ran in to a guy a couple of ladies told was following them. I needed to tell him nothing even though he supplied me some oh the stuff to fix me staff(walking stick). While writing this I am drinking my daily annual beer. 🙂
Anyway the stick is glued together and I wait until morning to see how that works out. If it holds, great! If not I will seek a new one in Leon tomorrow. I am petty sure I will take a day off to regroup myself.
I feel great and am having issues with my body or mind. And I Am meeting a lot of great people. Yes, great! Right now I am sitting with a journalist from the Czech republic who works for a PBC type radio station who told me to shut up while she typed. 🙂

How far Michelle asked:
From St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela I about 790km(490mi) in my guide book. I will use those numbers to make it easier for me to keep you updated.
Today it says 336km(209 mi) to go to Santiago. 454km traveled. Of I go to Finisterre it is 100 km more.(4+ days)



Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Found free wifi and breakfast but little time. I need to walk 20km to replace my cash(Euros) today so I must just say an leave.

28-May Sahagun

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Yesterday I walked about 17km along the flattest longest piece of the Camino. Many people told me how boring it would be. I did not think that at all. There were fields of grain, trees of green and many flowers to look at. There were birds, bugs, water and a very long stretch the was the flattest 11.4km I ever saw. I did get tired from walking but was never bored.

I know I might have told you I was going to take Sunday off. I woke up at 8:00am and felt good and by 10:30 I was on the Camino walking from Carrion to Ledigos. Today I stopped at Sagagun where I am today.

I need to do shorter days for a few days. My backpack has grown or I am shrinking.Some of the straps can not be tighten enough because they are at end. When I get to Leon I will have to see if I can find replacements as there nowhere in the smaller villages.

I have to check the email and see what you have sent me now.


26-May Carrion de Los Condes

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

I covered a bunch of kilometers since I posted. Yesterday I stopped at Fromista today in Carrion. I was going to wait until Leon to take another day off. While walking I stopped at every bar for coffee con lathe. This made me think I should take tomorrow off and do nothing. When I got here in Carrion I booked two nights. Tomorrow I will check out the town.

Today is the first wifi I have had for a long to time. Once the phone was connected the thing went crazy sending emails that have been in the queue for quit some time. If one was to you check it’s date.
Maybe a couple pictures now!




These are a few pictures. I need to figure out what they are. There are many more in the camera. These are on the phone. Maybe when I get home I can do that. 🙂

Weather Report

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Last 2 days were sunny all day and no clouds. in the 80s maybe.

Before that is rainy and cold for 3 days.

Some one said it was forecasted to be 40C (that 104F) We´ll see. 😐



24-May Castrojeriz

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Todays I ended the day at Castrojeriz and yesterday it was Hornillos del Camino. Both days I walked over 20km around 15 miles it is very much easier. The aches and pain are almost nothing. I feel my knee when I go down very steep grades and my feet get tired near the end of the day. It is like they are telling me something.

WiFi as I was used to in the USA is not here so My phone has quite a few to send. one of these days it will send them and some of you will receive some I sent a while back. I can live with the delay. Hope you to.

I am over 300km into the Camino which makes it about 1/3 of the walk. I still feel good and plan to make it to Santiago and maybe to the ocean after that. I still don’t know when that will be.

I only have one coin for this internet station so no picture just yet. I sold my coins to others and it cut me short. Oh well another time.

Buen Camino


22-May Burgos

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

I finally made it to Burgos. This puts me at the 1/3 point of my walk. I have a sore foot and back from walking on cement most of the day. I am sure will recover by morning as I have been doing the last 3 weeks.

Did you know this is day 22 already. Yes, I left home on May 1st. I started walking on the 4th and toke about 3 days off when I was walking with Marvin and Daniel. I may be about ready to either take another day off or take a few short days.

Burgos is where I stopped 5 years ago so once I leave here I will be in unseen territory. Well unseen by me.

I found last night that my guide-book is not so up to date. I met Christa, a German who asked me directions. When I told my guide showed no Albergue in Cardenuela she insured me there was. So I flowed her and there was. The French and Germans starters a party and we were all having a great time singing. I had a great time. Some of them are in this Albergue today.

I have had rain the last few days but the sun is out in Burgas now.

20-May Villafranca Montes de Oca

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Good afternoon everyone or is it morning there?

The last three days I have had rain so I kind of looked for a place to stay much earlier and it was good to keep out of the rain. The rain isn´t so bad to be in other than some of the Camino holds a lot of the rain and it hard to keep your feet dry. I kind of like walking in the rain. Not so much singing int rain but walking is fine. It is much cooler and my rain jacket keeps me warm and dry.

I walked 20km today and only got tired of getting my feet muddy. The next major town is St. Juan de Ortega and it is 12km up and down hills so I thought I would wait until tomorrow to walk that walk. After that is it about 26km to Bergos where I stopped five years ago.

I need to check the Weather forecast for the next couple days to see how long this rain is going to hang around. The rain we have had has been heavy and cold but it is just coming straight down with little wind. You don’t really get very wet.

I have been meeting many  very nice people along the Camino. Some I see for a few day and then not any more and others just show up every few days. Today the guy in the bunk next to me visited Mike and I when we were together a few days back. Charlie is his name. Remember him Mike? 🙂

Yesterday there were only 576km to Santiago so must be only about 556km now. It has been 20 days now and I starts the Camino on the 4th and took, I guess 3 days off so I have been walking 13 days now. I still feel great and plan to continue with that. Today my foot is a little sore but that is minor.

I don’t see any way to upload pictures from this work station so I will try again another day.



19-May Viloria de la Rioja

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Last night I was in Santo Domingo and I had so much trouble with the keyboard I did not post anything

Tonight I am at Acocio & Orietta´s Albergue resting up for the last to days to get past where I left for home in 2007. Cross you fingers!


17-May Azofra

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

I think this is the name of the village i have stopped for the night. It is stage 9 on the map the is in the resources under information.

After Manford, my new walking partner sleeping this morning I rant into him again in the town before this one. Some how he got in front of me and he started one hour after me. It had something to do with me stopping in Ventose for coffee.

Manford is a 59 retired database administrator or something like what I did. He told me to post his picture. I will have to do that later because I left the camera and phone back in the bedroom.

I met Manford after Los Arcos. He was way ahead of me and we were walking about the same speed. It was 10km before we were together. Now either I catch up with him or he catches up with me.


I am in the area where I lost my pilgrim passport in 2007 and it is spooking me a little. Tomorrow I should pass through Santo Domingo where I got a new one and continued to Bergos to put my pilgrimage on hold 5 years ago. A sign post said Bergos was 89 km from here. That would make is around 4 days from here. Once I past that point I will be beyond the point I walked before and into new memories.

This whole trip was like reliving many of the memories from the past. I see many things and even some people I met in the villages before. All memories have been good though a few scares ones from the problems I had back them.

I miss our coffee breaks to gather back home but I am I am not missing out on the coffee. The coffee here is great as the Beer and Wine!

Well I will check in again soon,