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26-June trying to get near normal

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Don’t say it. Normal for me might not be normal for you.

I have been home since Friday evening and there have been a lot of things I have had to deal with in these 4 days.

There was my car that I already told you about. It is fine. Even with all the prep work I missed a credit-card bill. There was and is still near 10 lbs of mail sitting here to sift through. The lawn needed to be manicured. and still needs a little work. My clothed don’t fit so good any more. I lost 10 to 15 pounds while I was walking the walk. And there is those 1,500 plus emails that are mostly junk but I still have to go through them.

Now this morning I get a call from A T & T that some hacked my web server and it is doing bad things to others. I have that stopped it but I still have to tighten down my security to keep it from happening again. It was easy to stop it. I just unplugged the network cable. I only use this for me and no one need to get to it anyway.

This is just a sample of some of the things I have been dealing with since I have returned home. There is nothing major but I have to deal with them none the less.

On top of this I am still trying to readjust my biological clock to get me back on to Central time. Yes, Jet-leg!

Well I have to deal with the next thing now. I will get to those pictures one of these days.

23-Jun Home

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

I am home today suffering a little from jet-leg.

I arrived home around 6:45 last night on the Metra train. I opened the windows to air out the house because it felt very stuffy in here. Then since there was no food in the house I decided to drive out and eat. Well my car was mad at me for leaving it sit for almost two months. I had a dead battery that’s why Cork had a battery charger on it. It still is a Hybrid and like any machine needs to be used to keep is working well. From sitting so long the brake were rusty a little, the tires were flat on the bottom . The main drive battery was also dead as a door nail from sitting. This is only minor stuff just taking it easy and driving it will take care of all of it. That is what I did. I had just forgotten that would have to deal with this when I returned home. It is all just fine this morning.

So I drove out to eat and walked in the back door at Town and Country and just stood there for a couple of minutes. Viollca looked at me for a few seconds trying to figure out who I was before she recognized me. I knew why she didn’t? She said I lost a lot of weight. And gave me a big hug. I checked my weight this morning and I am down about 15 lbs (7 kg). I didn’t know it until I weighed myself this morning. So now I know another way to lose weight.

So I have turned my cell phone back on and am going through my mail to see if there are any other bill that are late. I missed one credit card payment and will take care of that now.

In the next few days I will be getting caught up with home stuff. Then I will go through my Camino pictures and journal and post some pictures and stores you may not have heard about. I always had my paper and pencil but not always have an internet connection so a lot of the stories are only on paper..

It is good to be home!
Stay tuned,
PS: there is 1500 emails to view. 🙂

3650 miles from home

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

I about to check-in for my flight home. The internet says it is about 3700 miles and my ticket says it will take about 2-1/2 hours to get there. I have just 2 minutes to tell you this so will see you later


Yesterday at home

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

No I’m not home yet!
I just figured this free wifi at the airport in Dublin and it reset my clock on the phone. It says it is yesterday back home.
I was about to take a nap when I saw this ‘WiFi Zone’ sign. So I tried one more time and I got it. Now I can take a nap and enjoy it when I awake.

Good night to you, good morning to me

21-June Dublin

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Well here I am at the Dublin airport and found it is raining since I have been here. After checking to flight time on my ticket I don’t have as much time here as I thought I had. I checked with it information people at the airport and I decided to buy a book and just hang around here.

With the rain the only sightseeing I could do would from the conform of a bus and I would have rather walked around town some. I am tired of being rained on for a while.

Hanging around an airport reading a book and watching people is something you should try once in a while. Now using this internet station here at the Dublin airport I suggest not. it cost too much so I am about ready to log off and go to Starbucks or McDonald’s that are both open all night.

I will be home tomorrow some time if I don’t get lost from the Chicago air post and home.


Dublin another Adventure?

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

I fly out of Santiago tomorrow and have a one day layover in Dublin.

I spent some time looking on the internet to see what others think about spending the time while at the Dublin airport for a day. Well their remarks range from 100 sugestions to I´m sorry. So I guess I’ll wait and see what happens when I get there.

Now on the other hand if I found someone else that will be traveling through the Dublin airport tomorrow maybe we could talk over coffee, beer, wine, and/dinner. Maybe one of my pilgrim friends are on the way back home and need someone to hang around with.

In any cast there must be something to do during an 1 day layover. Any ideas?


20-June Santiago again

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

I went to Finsterre on the 18th and had a beer at what is the closest bar to home in Europe. I took a few pictures west to the ocean in the direction of home. Then I walked back the west side trying to get to a beach to touch the atlantic and could get there. Headed to the bus stop to get back to Santiago and whoops. I was too late for the last bus of the day.

After walking town looking for something to do I found friends in a bar. It was Iain’s birthday and they were going to the beach to watch the sunset and invited me.
I booked a hotel for the night and headed to the beach party. We had a great time.
After returning I stop for coffee an met another friend. I finally got to bed at midnight.
After returning to Santiago in the morning I my clothes laundered for me and they came back folded and everything. It was nice to not to them myself.
Today I have been walking around town killing time. My plane leaves Santiago tomorrow. I am ready to come home and sleep in my own bed!
I have been gone from he for some fifty-one days. I think that is some kind of a record for me. I walked somewhere around 600 miles. On the Camino I walked from the 4-May until 16-June with three days off, one in Zubiri, Arre, and Leon. I am so ready for home right now!


18-June bus station, Santiago

Monday, June 18th, 2012

It is time to leave town for a while. I have a want to see Fisniterre which is at the ocean. It was know as the end of the world before they discovered the USA. My bus leaves here at one o’clock so I have a couple hours to drink coffee. I never was much for beginning on time. 🙂

This morning I spent time setting up my ride home. They will let me spend a day in Ireland. I will have another country to add to my small list of places vistas for more than an hour.

I haven’t seen only a couple of pilgrims I know since yesterday. I am missing them. Yes, I miss you back at home too!

I have to visit these places I can drive to easily. While I am in the area I will see the things that I put before my eyes.

I have already started to things back home that are unfinished and if I will complete or dump the projects. Many thoughts have been floating through me these last weeks.

Wait these are thoughts for my journal. You may see them later.

Elisabet & me yesterday

June 17 still Santiago

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

After breakfast I went to mass at the cathedral and the wall didn´t fall down or anything like that. There were 100s of people there. Mass as I remember was different. It didn´t help me that much was in Spain.

After the noon Mass I went walking around town to see what there was to see. I was harder than I thought it should have been because it has been rain since 1:00. It poured much of the afternoon. I looked for souvenir  rain gear but most was sold out. So I walked back to my hotel and got my own.

Tomorrow I think I will get on a bus to Fisinterre if the weather is not too wet. If the weather is not the best I will check cost of flights back home in a few days. I am not sure what I will make my schedule yet.

Yesterday the weather was fantastic! Tem in the 70s and mostly sunny all day. Today it is cold and rainy and still that way now.

I didn´t think to bring a memory card reader with me so you will have to wait for pictures. I mean it is at home!

Well I have weather and travel plans to think about.





Saturday, June 16th, 2012

We did have a drink or two until…whoops!


They told us it was not allowed. The video is too big to post here.