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I am still around

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

I have been working on many thing and one of them has not been my pictures. I have been helping a friend with some computer related things and it has slowed me down a little getting my Camino journal notes transcribed into my computer. And it didn’t help that my PC crashed either.

One thing I did learned on the Camino is to say “Oh well! Things will happen when it is time.”

Today I decided to look at my Walking the Walk Blog to see if I get any ideas on where to go from where it was to where I would like it to be.
The first thing I thought is I plan on uploading pictures one of these days so I thought I might want a new look. I found this theme that is based around pictures.For now I will use it until somethings else come to my liking and I change it. So I see many of my posting do not have pictures attached to them. I am not going back from here so I will just add pictures from this point forward.

I will post pictures and captions as they come to mind starting from day one and try to fill in the memories as I go along. I have other things going in my life so it may be slow going for a while but I will be working on this for my enjoyment and I hope yours too.


PS: I tried to do some of this from my iPad and had some problems.
I will work on that so for non I need to be at home or on a PC to do these updates