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Estella Marker Mystory

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

When I was walking the Camino in May with my brother Mike we walked through Estella.

They had these trail markers in between the brass shell marker. Mike sent me some pictures and this marker was with the other pictures. Neither Mike or know what it symbolizes. I asked My friend Iain from Scotland and He didn’t know either.

I have found nothing on the internet yet that helps me either. Not yet.

Do any of you know what this might be?


Trail Marked from Estella Spain

Camino Journal

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Now that I have been home for the Camino almost 5 months I just finished going thought my journal notes that took me 2 months to get typed into the computer. I still need to enter these changes in to the computer and the re-proof them again. Maybe this time I will hand it off to some one else to proof. Are there any volunteers?

I have been having a few issues with this blog and another so I haven bee posting any thing in this one. If It crashes as the other one did I might lose the whole thing. I may try posting some more after I do a backup. Then I may be able to recover. I lost 100% of my other blog ao I am a little paranoid right now.

I got over the last lost and am working on my recovery. Well the blog’s recovery. I’m ok. 🙂