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Camino Friend Visit

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Hi Pilgrims,

I thought after a year and half it was time to go have cafe con lethe with Marvin. He lives in North Dakota and I in Illinois. We only spent about five days together on the Camino last year in the spring but we got very close. He went back this year and went the rest of the way. and since we live less than 800 miles apart. I decided to see if my 18 tear old camper would survive a short trip.
In March I went to California and 3 major parts broke. So I fixed the A/C too and now it is cool enough I most likely won’t even turn it on. I just got it back from the shop on Saturday.
I planned to go see Marvin if the Camper was ready or not. The camper cost about $100 a day for fuel and it is my Albergue and back pack all in one.
If I drove my car fuel is not an issue but I need to have my backpack and find an Albergue(hotel) at the end of the day.
I don’t mind so much paying for the fuel because of the convenance of having my home with me. I have a van size motor home with everything I need.

First day on the road I got a late start. I figured It was 778 miles to Marvin. I tried for 400 miles but I tried and now I have 522 miles for tomorrow. I started driving into the sun wich makes me tired. So I sit here in Eau Claire WI in a Wall-Mart / Sam’s Clue parking lot for the night.


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