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Who is Marty

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Marty Metras

Marty 10-May-12
Marty has always been a doer of things. For the last 50 years has lived within a mile of the same place. When he retired in 2007 decided it was time to travel and see the world. His brother was living in Germany and he and his wife were planning to move back to the USA in a few months. Since Marty had only been out of the United States once in the 1960s on a trip around Lake Michigan it would be a new adventure.

Marty’s brother Mike and his wife Petra told him he could walk across Spain while in Europe. Never being in a different country and not really being able to speak other languages there was a lot of fear. So he tried to learn a little German and Spanish. Then he committed to 5 days walking in Spain after Mike said he would walk with him for the first week. Even after Petra & Mike said it would take 10 to 12 days walking on the Camino to decide if you are going the whole 790 kilometers.

After a few days visit with Mike & Petra, Marty and Mike headed off to Spain and started walking the Camino de Santiago from Roncesvalles.  This trip was Marty’s first book, My Camino de Santiago Adventure.  Many things did not work out the best so Marty gave up and came home.

Then in 2012 Marty decided that he needed to finish something in his life. He booked a plane ride to France and walked down to the train station from home and headed to the airport. On the walk to the train he decided he would not turn back unless someone was injured. In the next 7 weeks he did not have a bad day.

This book is all about Marty Walking the Walk in the spring of 2012


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