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My Camino de Santiago Adventure

Monday, April 28th, 2014

Back in 2007 I walked the Camino de Santiago.
When I returned I though I should write a book about my adventures.

Not being very good at spelling or grammar I struggled for two years getting my thought on paper. This morning I remembered that I had done a lot of work to make that happen and wondered if it was still available online. I really only wrote for myself and had a few copies for friends and family.

Here it is 7 years later and I thought you would like to see it.

I made it available with color pictures as paper back book. I decided not to have any printed because they need to sell for over fifty US dollars. I know I wouldn’t spend that for a book to read once then leave it on the shelf. I change it to have black & white pictures. Then made it available as a PDF downloadable file.

All three version are still available.

My Camino de Santiago Adventure by Marty Metras, 2009

This book is available at LuLu Press

Color version list price $64.95 US. Right now it is discounted 25% and sells for  $48.71 US
ISBN # 9780557121946 (click here for more information)

The black & white version list at $15.99 US but on sales at 40% less. Price is $9.59 US
ISBN # 9780557111312 (click here for more information)

The PDF eBook version is only $1.49 US  (click here for more information)

Prices are plus shipping & handling and maybe sales tax. I have no control over that.

B&W and Color version have a little different cover.

If you would like take a look.



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Walking the Walk, the book

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

My book is now available on the internet.

For a quick Google search search to find my book on line,  click on the book title below.

Walking the Walk, Camino de Santiago 2012, by Marty Metras

Walking the Walk, Camino de Santiago 2012

Walking the Walk, Camino de Santiago 2012

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2 years ago

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

Two years ago on the 1-May-12, I walked out my front door.

Yes, it has been two years since I left home to head to Spain to walk The Camino de Santiago. I was just looking and it has been six months since I finished publishing my book about the trip. This travels much faster than I was walking.

Many things have happened since noon on that day in May. I never looked back when I headed to the train station to start my journey. I had never took the train to the airport so I had to figure that out. A nice man said he was going my direction and would show me the connecting train. When I got to France, the hotel clerk told me which the train station was to get me to Saint Jean Pied-de-Port where I would start walking the walk the next day. When I got of the train, I followed the crowd to get to the Pilgrim’s office to get my Pilgrim passport. Then they guided me to my first albergue where I rested up the first night after a long travel and many time changes. I was tired!

What I thought I might do I put little things I remember about my travels some two years ago. I will be nice to relive part of my adventure. I am sure there things I will remember that never made it into my book. There may be thing I remember different from I put into the book. I know I have told many parts of my story since I have returned. Now that I am retired I many thoughts that may be stories as I remember them as I publish them here.

This part of my blog will be a review of my book and I am thinking I will do it on 1-May same as my trip.


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