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6-May-2012, Day 6

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Two year ago I was walking the Camino.
This was in my Journal




Today has been a rest day. I have been just resting and visiting with new friends. Marvin is a 71 year old priest from North Dakota. Daniel is from Idaho and I am not real sure about his job other than the little you heard about yesterday. I know that he is a hiker and has been helping Marvin and me. He helps with our backpacks and is our self-appointed cook. He is great. Right now we are the three amigos.

Last night we went out to a bar for a snack and I had my first beer this year. Daniel gave me a hard time about having a very large one because he said a small one is enough. He said one small beer is all you should have after a long walk as he did. Yes he had a second one. I did not!

Since Marvin is planning to take the bus to Pamplona to replace his backpack that both Daniel and I said was what was killing his back yesterday. We almost needed to airlift him off the trail between Roncesvalles and Zubiri where we are today.

The shoes in Zubiri airing out

The shoes in Zubiri airing out

Pic 9: Marvin saw I had a camera and asked me to take a picture of all the shoes. Most of the albergues do not allow you to wear your hiking boots inside. I’m sure most of them stunk and are covered with mud at the end of the day.


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