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Next Camino 2017

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

It must seem like I must have forgotten my blog. Well I have not forgotten just been dealing with life events.

For the most part I have been fine doing other things. The other day I was on Facebook looking at the American Pilgrims on the Camino’s postings. All the time since I came back from the Camino in 2012 I saw all these pictures people posted. I think 90% of then were from the same walk I took but things I never saw. I kept thinking; “How can this be? I walked 500 miles and went through these places and I did not see?”

I have been saying I should I should walk the Camino ever five years just so I recognize these pictures. The other day 90% of the pictures people posted I knew where they were from. So are people walking where I walked now, or just taking pictures of things I know.  I starting thinking about walking the Camino in 2017. That is just two years from now.

My first question: Is anyone else thinking of walking the Camino? If so let me know. I would be flying out of Chicago.
My next thing is what should I pack? Not that I have done this before. It is just that I think I took too much the last time.

Anyway let me know.