I have read a few books on the Camino. I have also written my journal notes from my 2007 adventure. I make note of the books and a in some cases link to where you might fine them if your interested. Most all of them can be found on Amazon or Barnes & Nobles web sites

  • My Camino de Santiago Adventure by Martin E. Metras, (C) 2009. Yes this is my book and it only took me two years to get it published. It is available as a book and a down load.
  • A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Camino de Santiago by John Brierley: I used the 2007 edition the last time and now I will be using the updated 2012 edition. It became my bible of a guide book and most likely again this year.
  • My Camino, (C) 2004  and Confessions Of a Pilgrim, (C) 2007 by Sue Kenney. I met Sue at the American Pilgrims gatherings in Albuquerque in 2009 when I was visiting my brother & his wife when they were walking from California to Jerusalem. Sue was sitting at are table and I was surprised when she go up to be one of the story tellers. I was impressed and got her books and loved them.
  • I’M off Then, Losing and finding myself on the Camino de Santiago by Hape Kerkeling, (C) 2007. It is interesting how people experance the Camino different. Hape had some reactions the way I did but most it was his Way not mind. I like this book.
  • What the Psychic told the pilgrim by Jane Christmas, (C) 2007. I bought this book because I liked the tittle and enjoyed the whole thing. It is a bout a midlife misadventure. I think you might like it.

I have a couple more books that I might get read some day I will add then as I get around to reading them. I don’t know if these books are making me want to walk the Camino or if I am reading them because I want to walk the Camino again. No mater I’m.

There are books that my big brother has written. Mike is one of my influences that has give me reason to walk the Camino. I walk the Camino as Mike did but I walk it My way. I want you to know about Mike’s books so I put this link to his web page rather than tell you about them. Mike & Petra are pilgrims hence the web site is Pilgrimage Creations, enjoy it!

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