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Marty Camino LogoWhile walking the walk, one sure way to contact me is to leave me a comment on this website on any post.

No body except me see your email address.

So if you don’t want your message seen by everyone else just the link on the side bear that says “Message to Marty“. I am the only that see what is posted on “Message to Marty“.
I will get back to you as time  and Internet connection permits. If I have already started Walking the Camino it may be a couple of days before I reply. I will get back to you as soon as is I am able.

You also can call me at home as the message you leave me will be electronically saves and sent off to me so I can get them almost like it happens in real life. This is disabled


Remember “Message to Marty” are emailed directly to my INBOX.


A reminder no normal text messages to my cell phone as it will not work because I have disable my cell phone while traveling in Europe. It cost an arm and a leg and I need both legs for walking and one arm for picking up the coffee cup and the other for writing notes. 🙂

Anyway, if you shoot me an email or voice message at home when I figure how to text  I let you know.


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2 Comments to “Contact Marty”

  1. Avatar daniel says:

    hello Marty this is Daniel.remenber at the Camino last year. I hope you doin god.,?

    • Avatar admin says:

      It is good to hear from you Dan. I think of you and Marvin often.
      How did I miss you post. I see you posted a long time ago.
      I have told our story so many times.

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