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While planning this adventure I have had many resources to help me. I will tray to list them all that is may help you and remind me who to thank.

  • First my brother Mike: He walked the Camino in 2003 and kept me and other what was happening. Since then Mike and his wife Petra, met of is pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago that year. They have walked the Camino bother ways and many other routes as well. They have walked to Rome and in 2009 headed to Jerusalem from California on foot. Yes, I said they walked! Mike has many books now about his adventures that you can find links to on his website Yes Mike inspires me more than I let him know. Thanks Mike!
  • I wrote a book too: When I retired In March 2007 I had already land to go to Germany and visit Mike & Petra. After talking to them I decided to try to walk part of the Camino. I figured I could do it. After all I exercised by walking from the house to the car ever day for the last 50 years or so. I kept a journal on me getting ready for the trip to Europe and then my walking the Camino. Those journal notes became a book. After reading it after four years I know more about my struggles  I may avoid on this journey across Spain. If you would like to read my book you can get it through LuLu Press. Well I think Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s too. The direct link is here.
  • Google map showing Camino de Santiago – The Way of St. James: I found this map of the basic route from the East  from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France to the West of Spain to Cabo de Finisterre at the Atlantic Ocean. It shows 38 stops. It just shows the places you might stop if you traveled this exact route. Most people travel along this route if they don’t go off site seeing or get lost. There are many villages between these points on the mat where one could stop for coffee or even  hang around for a visit. It is a very good map to show you the basic Camino de Santiago – Camino Frances – The Way of St. James – The French Way or Inner Way.
  • Map Only Guide Book: I receiver the Camino de Santiago Maps Guide book that I will be carrying with me. It only weights 136 grams (4.8 oz)  Another Guide book I may take along is by the same author, John Brierley titled “A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Camino de Santiago” Subtitles “A practical & mystical manual for the modern-day pilgrim.” This guide-book is an updated version of the one I cared in 2007. I relied on it a lot so I thought I might as use it again. It weighs 10.7 oz(300 g)
  • Backpack  Contents in 2007 and also revision: This link to the things I had im my backpack in 2007. It also contains my changes for 2012. It is a work in process. I will update as time permits. This is way out of date so come back in a while and should have it updated. For updated belongings list click here
  • Lightweight back gear list: I found a website where a guy keeps squeezing the weight of his backpack. There re many ideas out there tat may be helpful. It web page is … And there is a pdf file with what is caring with him and the back pack is only 9 pounds full! It worth a look see his “Summer Lightweight Backpacking Gear List For Summer Sierras (for 2 people).”
  • I found another great source on traveling the Camino. It is not just for us Americans. It looks like it is everybody even it you have a 16 month old child or a donkey. There  are travel ideas here for you. Check out The Confraternity of Saint James travel page

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