Support Groups

I have many people I must consider part of my support group.

All my friends and family have put up with me talking about going back to the Camino de Santiago and walking the walk for over a year. All of you have been very supportive. Thank you!

Michelle and the other trainers at E.W Training in Woodstock have been of a great help getting me in physical shape. Being a couch potato you can only imagine how hard they worked to get me where I am today. Thank you! Link

I have been hanging out at Town & Country Family Restaurant many hours talking about this trip bugging any one who would listen. If I caused any lose of business I am sorry. They have the best people come in there. They have the best work staff and the food and prices are great. Thank you! Link

My other hang out is Starbucks in Woodstock. I also call it my reading room. Read a little, drink a little coffee, and visit a lot. Thanks! Link

A special thanks to Aunt Annie. I go on and on with her and she keeps listens and still drives me around. Thanks Aunt Annie!

My brother Corky has agreed to keep an eye on things while I am gone. Thanks Cork!



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