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I am Marty Metras and I live in Woodstock, Illinois, USA, Earth

I worked until I got fed up with the negativity. Mostly I just let the negative flow through me without sticking. Being a Data base Administrator and seemed like I was the only one that had a clue what I did it was rough at times. In 2007 at age 60 I told my boss I was done and find someone to replace me. A month later I was out of there. For a couple of months I helped the new guy and they paid me big buck for that. And I took it.

My last day was March 4th when it was snowing so bad there were 7 or 8 cars in the ditch. But I went to work anyway. It was the last day of the working life for me and I was not going to miss it.

My brother Mike then living in Germany with his wife Petra invited me for a visit. I was thinking about a trip to visit them because I have never been out of the USA. I was retired and had nothing else planned other than going for coffee. After talking to Mike & Petra Somehow I decided to try to walk the Camino. Mike would start out walking with me because I was full of fear. Later I found out I was just afraid of the fear.

So in April I hopped on a plane and flew to Germany and after a visit started walking the Camino de Santiago. Somewhere along the walk I was trying to cover to many miles in a day and just wore out myself. I had walked about 200 miles (320 km) and everything hurt, my body, my soul, everything else. I was sore from my hair tips to my toe nails. I said; “I am done!” After a rest I changed it from “I quite!” to “I am stopping for now!” I will be back and do this. I didn’t want to quite. I just could not do anymore more then.

Six month later after a stroke and other thing I realized that when I walked the Camino in 2007 it was just after I stopped working after 50 years. My mind, body, and soul were all on a schedule and I needed to meet some kind of goal. Well I pushed and pushed myself to get somewhere that didn’t I really need to be at any time in a hurry. I had forgotten my medications at times while I was walking. Yes, I had them with me. After a while I didn’t feel I need them so just kept them in the backpack. Then I think I just pushed and pushed and finely just did not have enough sense to take a day off and rest. So at Burgos Spain I stopped!

From there I hopped a train to Santiago spent a couple of days then return to Germany and visited with Mike and Petra and returned home where I had aStroke to remind me I needed to get the stress out of my life.

Now five later I love being retired! The stress is gone. Well I have a little trying to figure which coffee shop to go to next. 🙂 I met new people and I have been getting in shape so I think I could make the trip over the Pyrenees Mountains on the first day. It is only a 1,500 meter (5,000 feet) climb over those mountains.

Now I am looking for people who may want try it in the spring too. April & May (spring) is good in northern Spain. It is like northern Illinois in the spring. Snow is leaving or gone. Thing are starting to flower. It is still cool for walking. Yes I had a few cold mornings, some rain, and a couple hot days. But it was spring. I saw no signs of snow while was there.

If you are thinking about this so a search for “Camino de Santiago” there are many web sites.

If you would like to read my journal from when I walked in 2007 I put it in a book called
My Camino de Santiago Adventure

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  1. Avatar Chris Day says:

    Hey Marty. I have just finished reading your book – in a day, which is quite something for a slow reader like me! I found it immensely enjoyable and so much of what you wrote (and how you wrote it) resonated with me.

    I walked the same route this May and June and I recognised much of what you wrote. Actually, so much of it sounds a bit like me! …even the long wait at the airport, but not quite as bad as the time before for you.

    I finished my working life early in a similar way to you….I had enough and finished early, deciding that a hopefully long time in retirement with a lifestyle that clearly differentiated between “wants” and “needs” in this materialistic world would bring contentment, which it has.

    So, thanks Marty for sharing your story – I sort of feel that I know you. I am sure that amongst all the folk that I met on the Camino, there was a Marty…and there’s every chance ~ if you did but know it ~ that you met a “Chris Day”.

    Take care and with best regards
    Chris Day

    • Avatar admin says:

      Hi Chris,

      I am glad you enjoyed my book.

      You say you walked in May & June two years after me. You must have seen one of my random thoughts while you were walking. I keep thinking about the Camino. I am thinking about trying it again when I am 70. Maybe I’ll see you.

      What part of the world are you from.

      Buen Camino,

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