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Jul '11

It is time to start again

This blog is going to about THINGS I am doing. Hence it is on my doerofthings.com web site.

One f the first things I am doing today is to send some tape I found that may be left over from selling some on eBay. I found five tapes that were near the place I had the tapes I sold and may have not been put in the box I shipped. If they were not part of the sale the buyer just cot a few extra. I wasn’t sure so I am shipping them this morning.

My next thing for today will be to pad some of the shelving & cabinets in my camper getting ready my second shake down trip.  The first trip was a day to go to Iowa have coffee and return. This trip is about 150 miles and should take about 3-1/2 hours. I would visit some relatives if they be at home have coffee at McDonald’s and return.

The firs try at this I made it about 12 miles when the alternator failed me and I limped the RV home making it within a few blocks of home. I ended up changing the alternator, drive belt, and the battery isolator before I was finished.  Now that all of this is repaired I am ready to try again to get that coffee in Iowa.


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