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Aug '13

What Things are Here

I have decided to start Marty’s Random Things to tell you about things more than thoughts as I do on the Marty’s Random Thoughts blog. Both of them will be refereed as MRT. If you say MRT or read it, it sounds like “Marty” This was an accident but once I noticed it I calmed it as me. So if I type MRT and you don’t know if I am typing about MR Things or MR Thoughts then you should know there is another MRT it is Marty’s Random Travels too I am think about other MRT’s I could use Like Marty’s Random Teasing MR Trucking, Transportation, Telescoping and I could go on and on but I won’t do that for now. Just a little of Marty’s Random Typing.

You can see Marty’s Random Thoughts at MartysRandomThoughts.com

And Marty’s Random Things blog here at Doerofthings.com/things


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