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Friday's at work it dress code was relaxed. I decide to wear a strange shirt on Fridays. I had cut out a shirt from material I found at the local fabric shop. It was all covered with Light House. (# 1 below) Given it to Mom to sew before me. After 5-6 weeks it wasn't complete. Mom, who was still sewing up a storm making all kinds of craft items. Mom loved doing these things. When we were kids Mom made most of our close.
Anyway, after 5-6 weeks I start to push a little by kidding her that even I could sew a shirt in a week and I have never done nay sewing except sewing on a button once in a whale. After 2 month of no shirt I talked to Aunt Annie to loves to sew and dose repairs for people, about this. Aunt Annie had an old Alden's Sewing in here closet she would let me use as long as I do no repairs.

I agreed and pickup the Alden. I found out hat the sewing machine had not been used for a while so it was stiff. After using it a while and a little oil it started to loosen up. There were a few things that did not work as I thought. I thought I must wait and see.

Well, I went to the fabric shop and got some material I thought I could make a shirt from. I got a pattern and cut out the shirt. Then I set down and start sewing. I had to take some thing s apart 2 maybe 3 times. After a week or so I had a shirt. It wasn't great though it was a shirt. My first. I wrote down the date as March 17th, 2002. The shirt I gave Mom was finished on the 22nd.

At this point I decided to make a shirt for each Friday. Below you will see the things I have sewed. Is sewed a word? Below is the item I have sewed.

I signed up for a sewing class after making 6 shirts. I thought I could learn something. The local sewing store gave class through the locale community college. I was the only guy in the class. The rest were ladies. In the class we made a vest. I have since out grown it. After the beginning class Lynda the teacher and owner of the sewing shop told us there was an on going class once a week where you could sew almost anything and she would help. I joined. This was a fun. I stayed in the class for more than a year. In one class we learned to make a scarf, we did embroidery, made Christmas cards, and there was one lady who brought in a chair to recover. I made a coat and a lot of shirts.

If you want to see some of the item that I make you can click here. You see the items I made that I made pictures on. Some things I gave away with out documenting what I did.

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