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Day 2
Sunday 04/27/03

Did laundry,dishes, and watered the plants. Didn't want to come back to that.
Packed the car. Hope I use that 200 pounds of stuff. It looked something like this. Click here
Aired the tires.
Called Aunt Annie and we went to have breakfast.
10:30 gassed up the car and I was off.

Stopped to have lunch with my big brother Mike is Sandwich. Wished him well on his trip to Spain he is leaving before I return. Hewill be gone for a couple months. Watch his web site at for details on his trip.

2:45pm I was on the road heading west on US 34. I ran in to I39 and headed south. When I his I55 I took that. It goes to St. Louis. I figured I could get near where my friend Steve lives around 8:00pm. I was near Steve's but could not find it. I wend to a near by Denny's where I called him. I was within 2 blocks. Steve came to the Denny where we talked until late. Steve had to be at work and I did not. I have to get my alignment checked out tomorrow. The car seams to be over steering. There is a Honda dealer down the street so I will see if they can check it out in the morning. In the mean time I checked in to this Days Inn in Lake Saint Louis, MO. I'll spend some more with Steve if it takes much time to fix the car.
Well, Tomorrow is another day.

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