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Vacation Spring 2003
Day 3
Monday 04/28/03

Well I got up around 6:30 and headed off to Honda. They told me it might take a while. I called Steve to pick me up. About 2 hours later he called saying that he got tied up with a problem. I check with the Service Manager at Honda to get a real time. They had test drove it and it did not seem to be a problem. I asked if they drive it 400 miles like I just did.. We agreed that the alignment sould be checked anyway.
Steve called while I was waiting and said he had to go on a call and was already on the way. We agreed to part for now. There would be another time.
11:00am the car was ready, so I hit the road telling them I would test it on the the way to Arizona. I drove West I70, South I135, and then US56 west. Lyons is on US56 where Marcia lives.
I checked my messages at work from a rest area and Michele seemed there was a problem with the backup. We resolved the problem.
7:00pm some how I got on UR50 and US77 in Florence.
Driving too long again. Hanging it up for today. I'll try to contact Marcia in the morning.
Oh, the alignment seemed to solve the problem with the steering.
Good going Ed Napleton Honda of St. Peters, MO Link
Good night

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