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Vacation Spring 2003

This is my story and thoughts on my 2 week vacation to Sedona, Arizona in the spring of 2003. Each day I made notes on the way, late at night or early in the morning. Some of my notes were incomplete so I filled in the gaps as I remembered it. I may or may update this after I go through it to see if I missed some thing. I will only do this randomly.


What happening
A Picture
Or Two
26-Apr-03 Day 1
Still home
27-Apr-03 Day 2
Visit Steve  
28-Apr-03 Day 3
Car trouble  
29-Apr-03 Day 4
Visit Marcia Marcia's house
30-Apr-03 Day 5
Visit Heather Picture near there
01-May-03 Day 6
Arived in Sedona The road trip
02-May-03 Day 7
Sutphen Seminar Bell Rock fron Airport Masa
03-May-03 Day 8
Seminar Continues Patio Sunset
04-May-03 Day 9
Seminar Ends  
05-May-03 Day 10
Sedona Ends Slide Rock

06-May-03 Day 11

Start home  
07-May-03 Day 12
Trip Home  
08-May-03 Day 13
Returned home  
09-May-03 Day 14
The Next Day  
1-1/2 week later
After I was back to week a while and the links.
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