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Vacation Spring 2003
Day 5
Wednesday 04/30/03

In the morning I went to the Sunshine Cafe and visited with Heather for an hour or more. She looks good and seams to love her life here.

She doesn't like her picture taken so here is what she doesn't look like. Oh,that is her email address in her hand.
Around 10:00am I was on the road again heading west on I70. I drove and drove. Around 15:15pm I took a break to take some pictures at a rest area just inside Utah. I was at N39, 11.339, W109, 7.014 if you know where that is. Here are some of the pictures
This is what I have been driving through
This is another look in another way

This is look from
where the car is parked

This is look from the car to whare I was taking those other pictures.
This is a big dust divel I saw.
Also a short video
I stopped to eat and get gas near than there. I took US 191 South until I got to I40 where I started to find a place to bed down. I was driving way too long at this point.
Just before midnight I saw a sign that said the was a Rest Area just after Winslow, AZ
I got there, put the seat back and fell a sleep. It was cold maybe 25-30. Don't worry I had a blanket and I was warm.
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