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Vacation Spring 2003
Day 6
Thursday 05/01/03(May? Already!)
Around 7:00am I was back on the road heading to Flagstaff for breakfast.
I head down US89A toward Sedona. Here is why I go this way.

This is a look down through Oak Creak Canyon.

This is another look. This the road to Sedona. US89A
And one more look.
I had some lunch at The Coffee Pot café. If I lived in Sedona it would be my hang out there, like Vaughn's and the Three Brothers is in Woodstock.
My eyes were burning from all the driving so I got some drops and a fingernail clipper. Well the nail clipper wasn't for my eyes.
I took a picture of McDonald's arches. In Sedona they are not golden like everywhere else.
I took a drive to see what was out there to see, as it was too early to check in to the motel. I see these signs all over the place saying you could not park to hike with out a Red Rock Pass. I got one. Even just looking now cost money. Well the rangers have to get paid too. And they have to buy barbed wire to protect us from our selves. This will help to mark trails and do the up keep. The trails are much better than 2-1/2 years ago. Lot more people around this time than I remember. I see a lot of new building this trip.
Well anyway I got checked in to the motel, Inn of Sedona.
I did a lot of hiking around and up on Bell Rock. Took lot of pictures.
Some things grow with little water. Even int the red rock area See this man and lady hiking? Look closer I was way up there in the crack on the right.
It is 7:06pm Woodstock time and I am resting.
I tried to get connected to the Internet so I could upload this but I had no luck doing that. I took 2 laptops. Neither would connect. Well, this one, the older one, is working or you would not see this. The other one just locks up. So, that's it! I most likely will not try to get on line until much later. Maybe when I get back to Woodstock.
Well, I got to get some thing to eat.
Sleep time
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