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Vacation Spring 2003
Day 8
Saturday 05/03/03        
8:30am local, Day 2, Saturday. Good Morning! Or good afternoon it is 10:30 back at home. I got up at 4am(6am home). Went for a 2-mile walk. I didn't see anything open on the walk out then Denny's on the way back. I finished my walk then drove back for breakfast. I saw other person out walking around 6am.
I must have eaten some thing bad last night as I had plumbing problems this morning.
May be that meat loaf from the Red Planet? I took an hour nap, now I feel fine.
I'm sitting outside at the breakfast place at the motel wearing my new shirt I bought at Joe Wilcox's on Thursday. The shirt is heavy off white cotton with a Hopi humpbacked traveled playing a flute on the front and back. In the store it looked embroidered. When I looked at more it is an iron on. No mater, I like it anyway.
It is a little cool this morning. Overcast maybe 60. It is too cool for just a shirt and too warm for a jacket.
Last night after the seminar ended, 5pm, I went to Boynton Canyon to do some hiking. I started out on the long trail but decided to turn around after a mile. It was getting dark and knowing me I would be out in the middle of nowhere with out a flashlight. I figured I could come back tomorrow. Yesterday at the seminar I did a reading on Keith and before we really got started I kept seeing this yellow stuff all over the place. While at Boynton Canyon on the way back from my hike, I saw these yellow flowers. It dawned on me it was the same yellow I saw in the reading. I saw little yellow flowers all over the place and few bigger one of a different kind. I have to remember to tell Keith.
I just had a thought. I'm a computer geek and I'm using pen and paper. I have 2 laptops and a PDA with me and I use paper and pen?
Yesterday we also did a little past life regression to get a feel for it. Also tried our hand at remote viewing. I wrote on this yesterday.
Some where along the way on this trip, I lost my wireless card for the PDA. Or I left it at home. I wanted to see how it worked if I found any Wi-Fi signal. I have been using the GPS with the PDA it is fine. Some times it doesn't lock in so I have to reset it once in a while. Right now it is telling me I'm at 4627 feet above sea level and N34, 51.8061 and W111, 46.8945 moving 0.03 MPH at 10:04am (it is realty 9:04)
That is enough for now.
Later at the seminar:
We were doing a thing to figure if our sprit/soul was a Walk-in, Wander, or neither. If so when did it happen? I came up with I was both a Wonder and a Walk-in or neither. I couldn't tell. So I asked a about others. Jeremy has been a Walk-in twice, once around 3 and again around 20. Aunt Annie, Heather and Steve are Wonders and Annette is neither.
A few book titles came up as we talked. "Leadbetter", "Light Work's Way" and the Bible Code II. I do not remember what we were talking about.
We took a break.
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