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Vacation Spring 2003
Day 8-02
In the next session we were looking off in to the future to report on what we see for the next 4,8 and 12 months and report on what we see the world, local, and our personal out come could be.
Before I go in to this, this may or may not be true. And we still have free will to change any thing. And as I have heard Dick says often. This is all true unless it isn't..

Next 4 Months
(May - Aug 2003)


Red infer structure,


Work maybe down to 4 days,
This should not affect me

Local; Not much change
Building delays at the fair ground
WDC probity not started yet. The buildings are still standing
Next 8 Month
(Sep - Dec 2003)
World; Housing starts slow down
Ecommidity very slow
Retail down
Tech on the way up
Still now Ben Ladin or Husayn
  Local; Work Slow
Nothing started at the Fair grounds
Buildings finely removed at WDC

Personal: I'll find a new buddy to hang with, female, just a buddy
House cleared and remodel started
Christmas sad because someone is missing.
Next 12 month
(Jan -Apr 2004)
World; Ecommidity better
Jobs are better
Housing is still slow
Tech is up
People start buying
Fewer debits
  Local; Finely building at WDC
Fair grounds plan to start in a month or so.
Big fire on the square. No one hurt.

Personal; Remodeling well on the way
Think very much on selling.
Looking for a new local
I find a deal but might not have money because of a job missing.
Other things. I'll be torn between moving away from my hometown because of a job offer. Maybe doing some thing different, maybe selling my stuff will get me the money needed, maybe going in to business with some one.
There are many things happening all at the same time.
I see the word GREEN not the color green.
Many changes going on all at once, it could be fun riding the wave.
We took the afternoon of to do thing on our own.
We came back at 8:00 to just tell what we did all day.
Madeleine had us trying our hand at reading tator cards.
I wasn't in to that much. Maybe because I was hiking afternoon with Krista.
While out hiking I took a few Pictures
These Pictures were taken at Catherial Rock
This is the end of the notes for this day.
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