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Vacation Spring 2003
Day 11
Tuesday 05/06/03
Here it is another morning. Up at 5:30am AZ time. Just put on my last pair of clean socks. I had to get them from the car and it's cold out there. I picked up my laptop so I could route my day. Grants, NM is about half way between Gallup and Albuquerque. I must have been half a sleep light night I thought this was Giants.
Looks like at Albuquerque I turn North on I25 or North on I35 at Oklahoma City. I think I will skip Heather on the back and go through Oklahoma City and stop and see Marcia. At Wichita, KS I should take I135 North to US56. Turn West to Lyons and then to Marcia's Well, best get started!
Here it is 2:00pm(IL time) I stopped at Cline's Corners, NM to take a break. This is a big gift shop. I mean BIG! I walked thought the gift shop to get to the restaurant and the host started to lead me to my seat and at same time this cowboy came in and started to follow the host to my seat. It was a mix up. He thought the host was talking to him. Anyway he got my seat and I got the one next to him.
While the waitress was waiting on him I heard him say he was a writer/truck driver. The waitress was full of energy. Some how the truck driver/writer asked me where I was headed. I told him home form vacation in Sedona. He said; "Why don't you just out there?" meaning Sedona. "You want to don't you?" I found out his name is Jerry D. Ochs the Gifted Cowboy. He reads people and has written 2-3 books. I think he said he has been on the radio too. Sound like he drove truck so he could travel the country and talk to people and write his books.
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