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Vacation Spring 2003
Day 10
Monday 05/05/03
I awoke early all refreshed and ready to take on the world.
Since I had to check out of the motel and head home today I had a lot to do.
First I went to "The Coffee Pot Café" for breakfast. While there I planed my day.
I decided to go hiking, go to some of the gift shop, and see if I could fine some fabric to make a couple shirts.
When I came to town on Thursday I stopped here to eat and the hostess was unpack items for the gift shop. When I was ready to leave she was walk the lobbe holding a mobile/wind chime to the ceiling like she was looking for a nail to hang it? I kidded her a little and ask if I could hold it for a while. She said she was going to buy it for herself. She was still holding it when paid for me breakfast. I asked her if she would like me to hold it until she went home. She just smiled.
This morning I asked her if she had found a place to hang it yet? She said; "No, she had been too busy over the weekend. I was wearing one of my shirts. She like it and asked where I had got it. After I told her I made it, I asked her if she knew where I could get more fabric to make some shirts. She knew about the quilt shop at the west end of town and looked in the phone book for others. The others were out of town. There was "Oak Creek Internal Design" She said that she had not been in either shop. I thanked her and left.
You have to try The Coffee Pot Café if you are ever in town. It isn't a fancy place it just a nice friendly home town café with good food.
Anyway, I left there and want relax, site see, and hiking at Airport Mesa. I hiked out the trail taking pictures of Cactus flowers.
I was not noticing how far I had walked. When I noticed I had been hiking an hour or so and it was all down hill. I told myself that you know you have to get back to the car and it is all up hill? I decided to keep going to the end. I took pictures of the flowerings cactus along the way. I think in another week or two there would be many more cacti with blooms. In a ½ -3/4 hour I ran out of trail as I cam to this wide black path. It was wide enough for 2 cars to pass and lines painted on it. Yes, it was a road.
Well, since I had been trending right (south then east maybe) I kept walking and started up hill. It was a little easer walking on the blacktop then on loose rock and dirt. I cane to the Ranger's Station so I know about where I was. I thought "Shish! That is a long ways from where I left the car. Oh, Well!"
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