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Vacation Spring 2003
Day 12
Wednesday 05/07/03
Woke up around 4:00am and drove until almost daylight then eat at Denny's. I was almost the only one there.
I drove some until I needed gas. It was the cheapest on the trip 1.33/Gal. I bought one of the drinks that are to give you a boost of energy. With in 10 miles I couldn't keep awake! I pulled in to a picnic area and zonked out for a couple hours. Then I went down the road looking for a bathroom. In Oklahoma they have picnic area and rest areas. Picnic areas trash cans and picnic tables. They are rest area for us travelers to pull over for a while. I stopped for coffee and a pee and started down the road again.
I noticed the last 75 miles since I got gas I was getting 40 MPG. This is kind of bad since I have been getting 48-49 MPG. I found the next rest area and checked tires all were 38-40psi. I pumped them all up to 45psi. Oh, yes! I have a tire pump with me too.
While there I checked my messages at work. Jon Perry had a problem. I left him a message that he would have to wait until I could get connected. I thought maybe at Marcia's. Here is another one of the strange things that have been happening this who Vacation. I just passed Perry, Oklahoma. Hum!

Well, it is 10:00am I'm going to head down the road.
1:00pm only 3pieces of paper left. Best get home. Just left Marcia. She was working so I could not visit too long. When she left to go back to work I had to figure how to get out of town.
Later 7:00-8pm, on I70W maybe 160 miles to St. Louis. Should be there by midnight.

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