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Vacation Spring 2003
Day 13
Thursday 05/08/03        
Good Morning. 7:30an at Denny's in Lake Saint Louis. I think I will call Steve while Waiting for breakfast. So I don't have his Phone No. in here. Wait, breakfast is here.
Over here the 3 guys at the table next me, they are what I would call bible thumpers. After listening for a while I was wrong. They were a bible study group. They were talking about different religions and how they were the same and different. I was amazed. Not trending to any one way religion. They were talking about learning other languages so they could understand more. Wow! I lost some of my preconception about bible study groups. Yes, I learned something!
Sorry Steve. I'm going home now.
2:35pm I'm HOME!

An the car is back too.
This the last picture from this Vacation

First thing I went it to the bathroom.
Then I had an eager to make a loaf of bread.
That started I empted my pockets. I had a lot of stuff in my pockets! 15 receipts, 4 business Cards, 1 rock, 1 PDA, 3 Pads of paper, 1 Comb, 2 sets of keys, 1 Pager, 1 Crystal Sphere, 2 pens, 1 pencil, 2 dollar bills and a bunch of change. Oh, and one Arizona lottery ticket.
Around 4:50pm. Well I am home about two hours now. Car is unpacked. The bread is started and should start cooking soon. I started a load of laundry. And I check and saw there were 27 messages waiting for me on the phone.
What a bunch of crap I took with me and brought back and didn't use half of it.
My web server had locked while I was gown. Looks like it was on the 30th. That is when I connected from Marcia's. I wonder what I did? It's working now. I can check it out later.
Just checked the bread. It's rising nicely and there is a cold Gatorade in the refreg. That means break time and phone messages later.
8:30pm after a nap, Laundry almost finished, bread finished and teases well. Time for those phone messages. Out of 27 messages, two were ads, twenty-four were blank, and one from work. I checked out the one from work.
Now it is 10:00pm and bedtime. Tomorrow is another day.
Good Night!
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