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Vacation Spring 2003
Day 12-02
After leaving Marcia's I headed North on 61 until I hit I70.
While driving I seemed to be pacing this semi way up ahead of me that looked like an Ameritech logo on the back. Thinking that Ameritech is not way out here, I drove faster so I could get a good look. When I got up close enough to read it. It was American Furniture Warehouse. This is whom Jerry worked for. You know the "Gifted Cowboy". I said; "This is strange be cause he went west on I40 and I went east. Thinking he might have made a delivery and was now going east on I70. I figured he has to stop for coffee soon. I paced him for about a hundred miles and nothing. So I decided to pass the semi and look to see if Jerry was the driver. Nop, someone else. So I let it go.
I stopped for fuel just before leaving Kansans. It was around 4:30pm so I called Aunt Annie to let her know I wouldn't make it home in time for coffee tonight.
I stopped at a firework shop in MO. Dam, I don't need these! I have nowhere to set them off. Maybe I could do it at Matt's?
Gas mileage seems a little better. Still not good. I decided to stop and get some injector cleaner. So at an exit and I saw a gas station when I saw an IGA. Said; "I need some thing to eat too." I walked in to the IGA and the first thing I saw was Injector cleaner on sale for $1.00. And it had a $1.00 rebate to boot. Wow!
Wait…this pad it out of paper…Where is that other pad?
Good, more paper!
I thought; "Boy I'm writing a lot this trip!"
I moved to another table. Light was out at the other one. I'm in a rest area in MO on I70.
Let's see, what else?
Oh, it has been 60-80 all day, breezy. Only heavy traffic was in Kansans City. Where I took I70 thought town around 5:00 - 6:00pm. Kept moving 45-65 mph all the way through town,
Little damp out here in the park (rest area). There is a lot of traffic on the interstate. Well, my rest is over. Time to go. (8:50pm now)
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