Doer Of Things  
Vacation Spring 2003
Day 9-02
I see Steve out in the parking lot talking to a couple ladies. He is one strange dude! Well, not too strange. He has a hat like mine, different color, still the same. I was just thing; "I wonder what he is like in real life?" Wait…this is real life! I still wonder what he is like in real life.
Again I'm writing this all down on paper and I have a very good laptop just sitting around the corner in my room that would do just fine. I have to retype this in the computer anyway.
Steve just came near, I picked up on his voice, and it is unique. He is talking to another of us seminarians. They are talking about what Steve use to do. Sounds like he use to help people in the real world. Not always us strange people.
Later at the seminar:
We talked and a book name is written down on my notes "Stupid White Men".
And a web site ""
I took a picture of John that looked a lot like Ron at work. Could be brothers. I told him I needed the picture so I could compare to a picture of Ron. He agreed.

The picture is very smail because John did not say I could post this.

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