Doer Of Things  
Vacation Spring 2003
Day 9-04
After lunch we tried a passed life regression.
Here is what I thought and wrote down:
Mondern Church
Someone is searching for someone.
Trying to keep things goings, mostly alone little help keeping happy while doing it.
Aunt Annie here/Robin Hood there.
Lots of fighting, Swords, stones, Sticks Ouch! Jot stuck! ~~~(Dead I think)
Wait, I'm standing here look over what's going on. Why do I feel I have to do this alone?
Don't like being made fun of so if I block people out it won't happen then I'm alone.
Drifting, no idea where
Path to nowhere
No one this left time is involved let people in
Others can help if you let them in
You never know unless you try.
Looks like it is a child
Hold things a part like give love let go of fear.
Last session:
We did a healing circle where we wished love, peace, and health to all in the circle and all in the world.
Then every one hugged and we went on with our lives.
After this I left to rest.
Later I got some thing to eat and was still drained so I retired for the night.
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