In the beginning we did not see our first visits to India as much in the spirit of pilgrimage. After all, we didn't go there to do a long walk. But they are clearly important journeys on our pilgrimage of life. So now we, much too late, are putting them among our pilgrimage essays.

Before 2013 we had visited India for a total of eight months in the ten years we have been together. And now we have returned for an extended stay that may stretch to two or three years total. We have been here for a year already. This is a new pilgrimage, a pilgrimage deep within ourselves. We are not out to see a lot of tourist sights. We are here to do internal spiritual searches, to find gurus, swamis, and other spiritual leaders and books that can help with that search. The pilgrimage path is now internal rather than along dirt roads and paths. We are here to sit in place and meditate.

This page lists our writings and pictures that are about or of India.


The following index directs you to writings on our trips to India in 2004, 2011, and our current 2013-2014? pilgrimages.


The rest of this page lists picture pages, each on a particular subject. This page will be under construction for as long as we are wandering India and vicinity and probably longer. I will try to flag new entries as I post them and then remove the flags after six months to a year, as I feel like it.

2018 trip to India and Germany

2017 trip

2013 to 2016 trip

2004 and 2011

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